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How much does Data Science Course cost in Pune

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Data science is one of the hottest and most happening career choices today, because of its flexibility, wide scope of work and lucrative job opportunities. If you want to pursue a data science course, you have to choose your location wisely. With locations like Mumbai and Bengaluru becoming too costly these days, the next best choice for you would be Pune.

With many software, electrical, automobile, IT-enabled services and other industries coming up in Pune, it is a great place for you to start your data science career. Thanks to more and more people opting for data science careers in the city, you can now find quite a few data science training institutes here offering you certification, training, and professional courses in data science and the fundamental concepts needed for data science.

We suggest you choose the right institute for your course, as this plays a huge role when it comes to securing a lucrative career in the future. One of the best choices for you in Pune is 360digiTMG. They offer job placement assistance along with hands-on experience on data science live projects, which prepare you well to face real-world scenarios.

If you have been wondering how much these data science courses cost in Pune, keep reading to know more about the same.

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Do all data science courses cost the same?

Of course not! That’s why we cannot point our fingers at one figure and tell you that, that’s how much you need to pay for your data science course in Pune. Since the cost of living in Pune is fairly lower than in Mumbai or Bengaluru, we can surely tell you the data science courses may be a little less costly here.

The cost of a data science course depends on various factors like the following:

  • Is it an offline or online course?
  • Does the course cover all the concepts of data science, or does it cover only certain core aspects like Python, Tableau, Power BI and more?
  • Is it a self-paced course, or do instructors lead the course?
  • Does the course provide job placement assistance?
  • Does the course involve the use of the latest tools and techniques in data science?
  • Does the course offer you hands-on experience on live projects?
  • Do you get lectures from industry veterans in this course?

Assessing these questions in detail will help you understand how much a data science course costs in Pune, and if it provides you with value for your money.

Broad Idea of Data Science Course Costs in Pune

There are three main ways of studying data science courses in Pune or anywhere else in the world – as part of your bachelor’s degree, as part of your master’s degree, or as a part of a training or certification course. The broad fee structure of these three types of data science courses is as follows:

  • Three-Year Undergraduate Data Science Course – Around Rs.1.5lac
  • Two-Year Postgraduate Data Science Course – Around Rs.2lac
  • Diploma, Training or Certification Course –Between Rs.50,000 and Rs.1.5lac

However, please note that this is only a broad fee structure, and the reality may be slightly different from these figures, depending on the factors that we explained to you.

Good Data Science Course Recommendations in Pune

360digiTMG Pune is one of the best places for you to enroll in high-quality courses, some of which come with a guarantee of jobs too. Listed below are the details of the data science courses from here, their details & fee structure. You can choose the one that suits your finances and availability of time.

  1. Data Science Course In India -4 Months

Accredited by NASSCOM, this course is a great choice for you, as it comes with job placement assistance. It teaches you all that’s required to know about data science through 184 hours of classroom sessions, over 150 hours of assignments and 120 hours of hands-on experience on two live projects. The completion certificate is from IBM, which helps you land a lucrative job as soon as you complete the course. At the end of eight, well-structured and detailed modules, you are all ready to face the corporate data science world!

Course Fee – Rs.55,000 (without taxes)

2. Professional Course in Data Science and AI – 6 months

This one comes with a job guarantee, and you get to learn all the fundamental concepts of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning concepts in this course. You can create algorithms for Python and R programs upon completing this course. The Data Science and AI concepts are covered in 26 modules here. The best part is that you also get to learn about the data visualization tools like Tableau (18 modules) and Power BI (8 modules) here, which helps you learn how to visually present your data for the top management. You will get to learn all these through 300 hours of blended sessions, 300 hours of assignments and hands-on experience on 4 Capstone Live Projects.

Course Fee – Rs.85,000 (without taxes)

Apart from these data science courses that teach you all the fundamental concepts, 36digiTMG also offers you courses on honing a particular skill like Python, Artificial Intelligence and more. Some examples of these courses are:

3. Certification Course in Core Python – 2 Months

However, if you don’t have any knowledge of the same, don’t worry; this course from 360digiTMG teaches you all the core concepts of Python in just 2 months! With over 40 hours of classroom sessions and 60 hours of assignments, this course, with its job placement assistance, prepares you well to face the real data science world with confidence.

Course Fee – Rs.17,700 (without taxes)

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4. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning  – 2.5 months

Through 80 hours of offline & online sessions, more than 100 hours of practical assignments and hands-on experience on two Capstone Live projects, this course teaches you to create AI and deep learning algorithms while working with neural networks. You get a completion certificate from IBM, and job placement assistance in this course, which adds a lot of value to your data science career.

Course fee – Rs.47,200 (without taxes)

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