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Is it difficult to learn Python

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Do you want to pursue a career in data science or analytics? One of the first things you will hear others tell you is that you have to learn the programming language for Python as a first step toward your goal. Python is more important for data scientists than data analysts for various reasons. However, the simple reason is that data science is a more detailed and extensive field compared to data analytics. 

Yes, you need to learn Python to get into the field of data analysis. However, if you don’t have any knowledge of programming languages, you may wonder if learning Python is a difficult task. You can straightaway describe the learning of any new programming language or concept as “difficult” or “easy”. This is a very subjective question, and the answer depends on many factors. For example, if you already know a bit about programming languages, coding, or writing scripts, you can learn Python easily. However, if you have to learn programming languages from scratch, it may be slightly complex for you to learn Python.


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Factors that influence your Python learning process

If you satisfy the following criteria, you don’t have to fret about learning Python. The process will be easy and smooth for you for sure.

  • If you have strong knowledge of coding, debugging codes and writing fresh codes for various scenarios

  • If you have chosen the right course that explains you all about Python in detailed, well-structured modules

  • If you can dedicate at least one hour per day to learning Python every day

Why Python is very popular today?

Though there are various other concepts involved in data science (like mathematics, statistics, Artificial Intelligence and more), Python is given the most important because of the following reasons:

  • According to a study in 2021 (conducted by the TIOBE Index), Python has occupied the 2nd position (just behind C)  as the most popular programming language in the world.

  • Python is fairly easy to learn, and can be easily picked even by people who have no previous idea about programming languages.

  • The scope of Python is quite diverse, as the concepts learned here can be used for statistical analysis, visualizing data using tools like Power BI and Tableau, machine learning, automating text scripts, and in the fields of web and software development.

  • Python experts can earn lucrative salaries, even at the entry-level. Knowledge of Python is required for various job profiles like data engineers, system analysts, data scientists, Machine Learning engineers and more. 

  • Python, apart from being one of the easiest, is also very flexible, as it can be used in different scenarios across industries.

How much time do you need to learn Python?

People who are passionate about Python (often called Pythoneers) claim that you can get a hold of the basic concepts of Python in about two to six months, depending on your expertise, prior experience with programming languages, time devoted to learning Python every day and so on. 

At 360digiTMG Pune, you can enroll yourself in a two-month Certification Course in Core Python concepts to upgrade your knowledge and learn the latest trends in this technique. We suggest you take up this course surely if you want to start your career in data science, because it comes with a job placement guarantee.

With over 40 hours of classroom sessions and 300 hours of assignments, this course comes with all the learning outcomes that will make you a valuable asset to your company. Upon completion of this course, you can walk away with confidence because of the knowledge acquired in the following areas:

  • Fundamental concepts of functionally oriented programming languages

  • Working with codes, as you get a hang of the designing and programming aspect of Python apps

  • In-depth knowledge of writing new programs in Python for different scenarios

Some tips that will make Python learning easy for you

From the above points, you would have already understood that Python is not hard to learn, especially if you are already aware of the fundamental concepts of different programming languages. However, if you are new to Python, all the concepts can tend to be too confusing and complex for you. Here, we have given you some tips you can follow to simplify your learning process and master Python in about six months.


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  • Prioritization of modules

Python is a vast programming language, and you may find quite a few new tools & techniques in it when you set out to learn the language. Don’t get intimated by these. You need to focus on learning only the fundamentals first; you can develop your skills on the bells & whistles later. The modules that you need to prioritize to make your Python-learning process hassle-free are variables, object & data structures, comparison operators, functions, working on files and databases, the concept of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), loops and classes & objects.

  • Practice coding every day

You have to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes every day practicing coding to be in the scheme of things. Python does include extensive coding. So, if you keep repeating the exercise daily, you can master the Python language quicker than you expected. Also, you can explore online free Python coding quizzes, and practice them as much as you can. 

  • Knowing the logic behind the codes

Many people think Python is a difficult language to learn because they focus more on memorizing the syntax of the codes. While it is important to follow the right syntax while writing codes, memorizing all of them is not the right way to go about it. Python is considered one of the simpler programming languages than most others, because the syntax is written in simple English. 

However, when you understand why the code is written, and know the logic behind the same, you can write the syntax correctly without memorizing them. Practice writing pseudocodes (without thinking too much about the syntax) for different scenarios. As you master this art, you will get to the syntax part automatically without too much effort from your side.

It is definitely not difficult to learn Python if you follow the right tips, and have some prior knowledge about the concepts necessary for this programming language. The key is to choose the right course, and devote enough time for it every day to learn Python quicker than you ever imagined!

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