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Which data-related job in India pays the most?

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Data is transforming all companies and business organizations and driving the global economy’s growth. Business organizations and companies across different industries are benefiting by using big data to protect their databases, making data-driven and informed decisions, and increasing their customer base. For instance, the financial industry utilizes big data as an important tool for making profitable decisions and protecting the company against the risk of fraud. Other companies also consider big data an important asset to detect fraudulent patterns in huge datasets and stay ahead of the competition. 

Why are data jobs in huge demand?

Big data, data science, and data analytics are some technical fields that deal with a huge set of complex data to handle traditional data management approaches. Organizations and companies mine structured and unstructured data, leverage predictive modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques for extracting valuable insights, and data science professionals use their skill sets to make informed and data-driven decisions to solve the organization’s key problems. Professionals need to acquire technical and non-technical skills, such as data visualization, data mining, data analytics, and programming skills. Because of the challenges in learning these important skills, the need for data jobs is continuously on the rise, making big data one of the sought-after career paths for professionals. Salaries for data jobs are increasing with the increasing demand for talented and skilled data professionals. But do you know which data career pays the highest salary? Following is the list of top data careers .

Top data careers

 1.Data Engineer

The median salary of a data engineer is $151,300. The profession of a data engineer is quite similar to that of a data analyst as they convert huge volumes of data into valuable insights for an organization to make smart and informed business decisions. They perform the task of retrieving, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting business data and also collecting data and information from different sources. These data professionals are responsible for maintaining the company’s hardware architecture, software, and other crucial processes and systems to work with data.

 2.Data Architect

The median salary of a data architect is $137,000. These data professionals help design the structure of critical and complex data frames and maintain and build these databases. Data architects help develop important organizational business strategies and even communicate critical status, issues, and future plans with the company’s executive.

 3.Data Modeler

The median salary of a data modeler is around $130,800. These professionals are responsible for turning massive volumes of data into meaningful insights like micro-trends or macro trends and gathering them into business reports. These data professionals are highly skilled in statistical analysis and information science. To fill the job position of a data modeler, candidates must acquire proficient knowledge, expertise, and the right programming skills. They must specialize in a specific business area that will help them detect meaningful data trends for their organization and their employees. 

 4.Data Scientist

The annual salary of a data scientist is around $122,100. Data science is a lucrative and highly rewarding career as they help in designing and constructing new methods and processes for data mining, production, and modeling. They also conduct data studies as well as product experiments for their organization. These data professionals are responsible for developing prototypes from predictive models, machine learning algorithms, custom analysis, etc. 

 5.Database Developer

The annual median salary for database developers is around $109,300. These professionals analyze database procedures to streamline, modernize and eliminate inefficient coding. These data professionals monitor database performance, troubleshoot issues when they arise, and develop new databases. Database developers need to have prior experience with data analysis, database development, unit testing, etc. 

 6.Database Manager

The median salary of a database manager is $106,400. Database managers detect problems that mainly occur in the databases and immediately take corrective measures for remedying the issues and assist in designing and implementing storage hardware and maintaining. These data professionals are responsible for analyzing and storing organizational data. Database managers work closely with other team members, like database developers, to train and guide the lower-level members of the team.

 7.Database Administrator

The median salary for a database administrator is $105,300. These data professionals are interested in optimizing and monitoring database performance to eliminate damaging effects usually caused by high traffic and constant access. These professionals coordinate with IT security professionals to facilitate data security. In order to fulfill the job role of a database administrator, it is important to have prior experience in working with a database administration team.

 8.Data Security Analyst

The median salary for a data security analyst is $97,500. Data security analysts are professionals that perform risk assessment, security edits, and thorough analysis to make recommendations and improve data system security. These professionals research data security breaches and frame security procedures and policies for rectifying security weaknesses.

 9.BI Analyst

The median salary for a business intelligence analyst is $97,500. These professionals convert companies’ data into valuable insight and help executives to make better and more informed business decisions. These data professionals respond timely to the request of the management for certain information and also independently scrutinize the data to detect trends and patterns. If you want to fulfill the job position of a business intelligence analyst, you need to have good experience in working with analytical and reporting tools and proper knowledge about working with database queries.

 10.Data Analyst

The salary of a data analyst is around $92,900. These professionals turn data into meaningful insights so that businesses can make better decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Data analysts work across diverse industries like retail, technology, finance, healthcare, etcetera. Data analysts help in improving the company system to gain better insights in the future. Data analysts are professionals who analyze huge data sets and develop methods so that datasets can be scaled and reproduced easily.

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How to get a data job?

Big data is one of the fastest-growing tech fields, with numerous job opportunities for the right professionals across the globe in diverse industries. As the demand for diligent skilled data professionals is rising, it is the right time to explore the job market. The highly demanding and technical field of big data requires hands-on learning experience and advanced training, so you need to seek graduate education in your specialized area as well as undergo a training program to develop the right expertise and showcase your knowledge to your future employers.

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